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Architecture in Copenhagen

Published On 29 december 2020 | By Nicole | Architecture, Copenhagen, Denmark

If you like architecture just like me then Copenhagen is a destination for you. I fell in love with the capital of Denmark in 2016. Via Instagram photo’s of its amazing architecture kept popping up in my feed, so I knew I had to give it a visit.

My Copenhagen architecture tips are:

Superkilen Park – for playful archicture
Kastrup Søbad – for seaside architecture
VM Houses – for housing archiecture
Carpark Robert Jacobsen – for large architecture
Cirkelbroen – for Olafur Eliasson fans
Rundetarn – for history lovers
The airport – for when you are leaving Copenhagen

Rent a bike

First of all you might want to rent a bike for during your stay in Copenhagen. Most architecture spots I am about to mention aren\’t on walking distance. There are enough bike shops where you can rent a bike for a day or longer. I rented mine in Østerbro, close to where my Airbnb was.

Superkilen Park

In the Nørrebro district you’ll find Superkilen, which is most definitely the best architecture spot for taking your camera to. It has bright colours, lines, curves and lots of objects from around the world waiting to be photographed.

Copenahagen Superkilen

Kastrup Søbad

Kastrub Sobad is a bit outside of the city centre, but it won’t dissapoint you. It is a very photogenic sea bath and you can see Oresund bridge from here. I went there by bike, and you can also take the metro to Femøren St. Also, take some time to stroll along the coast.

Copenhagen Kastrup

VM Houses

VM Houses is another architectural hotspot that isn’t anywhere near the city centre. This housing project was completed in 2005 and is situated in Ørestad, a developing area of Copenhagen. What attracts me most is the shape of the balconies. You can easily get here by bike or take the train to Ørestad.

Copenhagen VM Houses

Carpark Robert Jacobsen

On a walking distance from VM Houses and also located in Ørestad is the Robert Jacobsen Carpark. I didn’t go inside, but the outside is just picture perfect.

Copenhagen Carpark

Cirkelbroen (Olafur Eliasson)

I am a bit of a fan of Olafur Eliasson. I was therefore delighted to see his Cirkelbroen bridge in Copenhagen. I walked over it on a very sunny day, and I would love to see it again in the evening.

Copenhagen Cirkelbroen Olafur Elliason


Rundetaarn is for many reasons a must see when you are in Copenhagen. The view from the top is amazing (on a clear day) and the corridor is a delight for a walk and taking lots of photo;s.

Copenhagen Rundetarn

Copenhagen Airport

So, you are flying back home from Copenhagen Airport? My advice is to be at the airport a little bit earlier, so that you can experience the quietness of the hallway for gates A25-A34. But, I was here in 2016, so it might be a bit busier here nowadays. Let me know if that is the case.

Copenhagen Airport

What are your Copenhagen architecture tips?
I’d love to hear from you about your tips and hidden gems.

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