Spijkenisse is full with mind blowing architecture

Published On 04/11/2018 |

Spijkenisse is a small town nearby Rotterdam. It is so close, but yet so far. In reality it is only less then half an hour away from Rotterdam.

I recently visited Spijkenisse for the first time. It  was an Instameet that took me there. One reason to visit this city is because of its mind blowingarchitecture. The past ten years the city has undergone an interesting development. It use to be a small farmers city, but nowadays a lot of well-known architects have left their trademark in Spijkenisse. 

De Stoep in Spijkenisse
De Stoep in Spijkenisse
Apartments in Spijkenisse

Top 3 architecture highlights

When you are planning to go to Spijkenisse, these 3 architectural highlights are the ones you don’t want to miss. You can easily walk from one to another, as Spijkenisse is not a big town.

1. Library De Boekenberg

De Boekenberg (Book Mountain) is a library as designed by MVRDV architects. From the outside it looks a glassed pyramid. Once you are inside it looks indeed like a mountain of books. You can walk your way to the top of the ‘mountain’, read a book somewhere in the middle or have a cuppa in the downstairs cafe. It is to no wonder that this library is mentioned in many ‘best designed libraries’ lists.


De Boekenberg in Spijkenisse

2. Theatre De Stoep

This theatre really is an eye-catcher. It is Ben van Berkel from UNstudio who is responsible for the design of De Stoep. De roof of the theatre has an incredible white wave motion, what makes it stand out. Inside the design is functional, elegant, but also it gives you that real old fashioned theatre feel.


De Stoep in Spijkenisse

3. New development projects

Spijkenisse is growing. Meaning that there are also new developments projects are being built. Outside the city centre new residential areas are being created. De Elementen is one of those residential areas, where you will spot high end architectural apartment buildings and the Eurobridges.


Garage in Spijkenisse

Like I said before, Spijkenisse is undergoing a lot of development. In the next years new architecture hotspots will for sure arise in this small town nearby Rotterdam.